Code d’ Odalisque


Recently I discovered a new variation on the Master/slave or the D/s theme of which I am both fascinated with and practice. It is “Code d’ Odalisque”, which is a system of sexual submission which I am more inclined to practice than the typical BDSM themes. I wanted to share with readers of and I have included two well prepared website links to this topic.

Much of the research has been done and explained so what this article is, is more of a short commentary, with links to articles which better explain the “Code d’ Odalisque”. The following passage comes from the site: and is written by Coder Cat whose account of “Code d’ Odalisque” is very thoughtfully written.

“Code d’ Odalisque is a genre or style of non-violent consensual slave play engaged in by willing adult men and women. It is a modern revival of aspects of the historical institution of odalisque (female sexual servant) in a consensual form. Play is guided by a written code of rules, etiquette and protocols. The genre or style is an alternative sub-culture within the broader BDSM community; play includes aspects of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission but not sado-masochism. The use of pain and degradation is forbidden under the Code. The values of the Code are hedonistic and pleasure-oriented combining exotic elements from Turkish/Persian erotic culture with modern, Western hardcore tastes. The structure of play is based upon the relationship between a male Slavekeeper and a female slave. Play is essentially heterosexual in character. ”

In her article, she references the code, which was compiled and published by ” the Guild of the Black Pearl” and is available for download in its entirety here:

Though the code asserts non-sadomasochitic themes and practice, I have adopted to this, elements of corporal punishment. To reconcile this to the code, I use this as an element of sensation for pleasure then a physical means to assert dominance. The reason behind this deviation is for the cockslave’ benefit. That is to provide the experience of “sub space”. The euphoria submissives in my service, experience during and after an intense spanking. During these sessions, because of the spanking, their bodies release endorphins and adrenaline.The result of this hormonal cocktail combined with the imagery and context of submission creates the experience termed “sub space”.

You will find many references and websites talking about “Code d’ Odalisque”, however, on review, the two provided offer the most clearly defined explinations. To summarize my thoughts on the differences between BDSM as I used to practice verses “Code d’ Odalisque”, the central theme of “pain is pleasure” is now replaced with “pleasure in service”. In both cases though the basics of consensual, sane and safe is always the rule.