OB-GYN Kink Kit

I have always wondered how naughty and kinky I really am and, as you know, these articles are based on actual experience and I test every product reviewed, (with the help of willing test pilots). Today while browsing at a local “toy store”, I came across the, “OB-GYN Kink Kit”, from Pipedream Products Inc.

The  OB-GYN Kink Kit retails for about $129.00 and includes, 2 plastic forceps, a metal vaginal speculum and a vaginal scope complete with an LED light and built in vibe unit.

OB-GYN Kink KitThey also included a kinky nurse hat, (I would have preferred a surgical mask and surgical cap), a bottle of lube and a bottle of cleaning solution, (OK, the main part of this kit is the vaginal scope). While it is novel and unique, do not expect high definition optics but it certainly gets the freak out. Seriously, if you want high definition optics, there are videoscope kits you can get for about $200.00, (my next purchase of course).

The plastic forceps, I think are a good idea as they will bend and break if used too tightly, (metal ones can cause damage if used improperly – always  use caution). Finally the speculum, it is metal and of reasonable quality. Note: for beginners using  a speculum, please click here.

Overall as a novelty kit, it is a very cool idea, (it was especially hot using the vaginal scope, and I quote, ‘it made me feel really dirty knowing you were looking in there…”). . This kit is in no way “medical grade” so for those who are into “medical fetish”, this is not a product to consider. Now for you kinksters who wanted to add a new toy to the “tickle trunk”, while $129.00 is pricey, it is not a bad little weekend surprise for your playmate.

Our score **