Boot Blacking

Recently I attended a fetish workshop where the topics featured a range of  interests. On which caught me attention was “boot blacking”. This to me was an excellent example of a D/s situation where in the Dominant has his/her boot cleaned and polished while worn, by a submissive. The object of the fetish, for the submissive are the boots and the Dominant of course enjoys the voyeuristic appeal of the submissive enjoying the object of fetish. The encounter although initiated by the “boot blacking”, can have endless possibilities at the pleasure of the Dominant.

In adapting this to my own personal situation, I first trained my submissive how I wanted her to clean and polish by dress boots (instructions later in the article).

We home as usual after a nice Sunday brunch and after entering the house I ordered her to kneel. I pulled up a chair sat down and stretched out presenting her with my soiled boots (still on). Prior to this, I had left a bucket, cleaning cloth and brushes for her, so she knew what her task was to be. For several minutes she washed and cleaned my boots and the soles so we could go into the living room (without tracking in street soil). Once there, I sat on the couch and ordered her to get the polish kit.

She arrived with her kit and I instructed her to set it down first and undress to her panties, then to kneel and begin polishing my boots. I watched as she placed my booted foot on her thigh and began applying the polish to one and then the second boot. She then took the first boot back on to her lap and started to shine the boot. I had instructed her on spit polishing, which she did well on both toes of the boot.

Standing up, she knew her task was to know complete the polishing of the heel and back to the boots. I watched as she crawled around on the floor at my feet to complete this task. Once done, I sat back down to let her inspect her work. I watched as she licked the toe of the boot to apply more spit, allowing her to buff and shine to perfection. For me this was all very erotic, to watch as she showed to me her complete submission in cleaning and polishing and crawling around my feet on the floor ensuring a complete shine and polish, ready for my inspection…

This was simply my adaptation to what was explained as a ritual sometimes practiced by “leather men and their boys”. From experiencing this for myself, the control aspect was exhilarating. The presenter also discussed safe shoe polishes for such intimate play and strongly advised against anything with harsh chemicals or silicone.

I chose to use very basic natural products, beeswax and mink oil. Beeswax is a natural ingredient with many purposes. It is used to make many cosmetic products such as lipstick and lip balm, and it is also used to polish and shine leather products like shoes and jackets. Applying beeswax to leather shoes removes stains caused by water, dirt and salt, and it also improves the quality of the leather. Polishing with beeswax will also make the leather shiny, waterproof and prevents cracks from forming.

Mink oil protects leather boots from moisture, salt and other things that can damage them. It also softens the leather, making boots more comfortable to wear. Mink oil is obtained from the fatty hide of a mink and sold to condition boots. Some mink oil products are mixed with beeswax, which adds to the protection of the leather.

To polish using beeswax you will need a soft cloth and a polishing cloth

1. Clean your leather boots with mild soap and water to remove surface dust and dirt.
2. Take a quarter-sized amount of beeswax and begin polishing your shoes with your fingers.
3. Cover the entire boot with the beeswax, rubbing deeply into the leather.
4. Take a soft washcloth or small terry cloth towel and use it to buff and shine the surface of the boot.
5. Allow the beeswax to absorb into the leather for a few hours before wearing them.
6. Add a second layer of beeswax between the sole and the upper portion of the boot if you live in a cold area and need extra waterproofing.

To polish using mink oil, you will need a hair dryer, soft cloths and a polishing cloth.

1. Warm the boots with a hair dryer, or set them or over a heat vent for a few minutes. Heating the leather will help it absorb the oil.
2. Spread the cloth over your fingers, and use them to scoop out enough of the mink oil paste to cover your fingers from the first knuckle to the tips. Rub the mink oil into the boots until it turns clear and begins to melt into the leather.
3. Repeat step two, conditioning your boots one section at a time, until both boots have been covered with the paste.
4. Wipe off any paste that got on the laces or soles of the boots.
5. Allow the boots to dry overnight, and apply a second coat of mink oil following the directions above.

Mink oil may cause some leather to become slightly darker. To apply the mink oil, a chamois cloth works well, or simply use a scrap of flannel from an old shirt. Paper towels will work if that’s all you have. It will not damage non-leather parts of your boots, so there’s no need to be too careful about the application. Reapply the mink oil every few months to keep your boots protected.

Mink oil can also be used to condition other leather so the possibilities can be endless and pleasurable. In this case I was thinking of having her polish my leather jock strap while wearing it.

Using natural products (provided there is no allergy to them), allowed my sub to use her body parts as part of the polishing ritual while being safe. Remember the basis of this scene is the boot or foot worship and is built around the task of cleaning and polishing boots. You as the Dominant control the scene and you as a submissive have plenty of opportunity to be creative in how you choose to use you body to perform this task.

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