Glossary of Sex Terms

Glossary of Sex Terms
Compiled by: Bad Joey

Acomoclitic – A preference for hairless genitals.
Acousticophilia – Arousal from (certain) sounds.
Acrophilia – Being sexual aroused by heights.
Acrotomophilia – Arousal by the activity/thought of having sex with an amputee.
Actirasty – Arousal from exposure to the suns rays.
Acucullophallia – Circumcision.
Adolescentilism – Playing the role of an adolescent.
Agalmatophilia – A fetish for statues/mannequins.
Agonophilia – Pseudo-rape, pretend struggle or wrestling play as a form of foreplay.
Agoraphilia – Arousal from having sex in public places.
Agrexophilia – Excitement from knowing that others are aware of a persons sexual activities.
Aischrolgia – The _expression of obscenities.
Albutophilia – Arousal from water.
Algolagnia – Both Masochism and Sadism.
Algophilia – Enjoyment or arousal from pain.
Allopellia – Orgasm from watching others have sex.
Allorgasmia – The need to fantasise about a more desirable partner in order to orgasm.
Altocalciphilia – High heel fetish.
Alvinolagnia – Stomach fetish.
Amaurophilia – Excitement from having a partner who is unable to see them during sex.
Ambisextrous – Attractive to both sexes.
Amelotasis – Attraction to someone who has lost a limb.
Amomaxia – Sex in a parked car.
Amychesis – The act of scratching a partner during sex.
Anaclitism – Sexual enjoyment arising from activities, or being exposed to objects, normally associated with childhood (e.g. toilet training, breast sucking, playing with dolls).
Anasteemaphilia – Being attracted to someone due to a difference in height.
Anolinctus – The act of licking the anus of another.
Anolingus – The act of inserting the tongue into the anus of another (as opposed to just licking it).
Anthropophagolagnia – Rape with cannibalism (usually after the rape).
Anthropophagy – Cannibalism for sexual purposes.
Apotemnophilia – Arousal from the idea of losing a limb (either through accident or surgical procedure).
Arachnephilia – Arousal from play with spiders.
Asphyxiaphilia – Sexual arousal, or enhancement, from lack of oxygen.
Autagonistophilia – Arousal from being on stage, being in front of a camera or in the public eye.
Autoassassinophilia – “Stage managing the possibility of one’s own masochistic death by murder”. Coined by John Money.
Autogynephilia – Sexual excitement from cross dressing.
Automasochism – The act of inflicting pain or injuries on oneself as a way of causing sexual stimulation.
Automysophilia – Arousal from being dirty or defiled.
Autophagy – The ingesting of one’s own flesh (usually for sexual reasons).
Axillism – Using the armpit for sex (as a substitute vagina).

Belonephilia – Arousal from using of needles.
Bestialsadism – Arousal from performing cruel acts to animals.
Biastophilia – Only being aroused when sexually assaulting an unwilling victim.
Biiest – A female who has a fetish for female feet.
Blastolagnia – A person aroused by young females.
Bondage – The use of confinement or restrictive movement to control a bottom/sub with the intent of heightening awareness and receptivity to pleasure. Examples include handcuffs, gags, corsets, ropes, chains, harnesses, mummification, cages/cells, the list is truly only limited by your imaginative use of items. Bondage may be used in S&M play, as part of a D/s relationship or scene, or as a singular method of intensifying a sexual relationship. see the usual counterparts “domination” or “discipline”.
Bottom – In an S&M scene or relationship, the person receiving stimulation through pain and/or bondage/discipline.
Botulinonia – Using a sausage as a dildo.

Candaulism – is a sexual practice or fantasy in which a man exposes his female partner, or images of her, to other people for their voyeuristic pleasure.
Capnolagnia – Arousal from watching others smoke.
Catheterophilia – Arousal from the use of catheters.
Chezolagnia – Masturbating whilst defecating.
Choreophilia – Sexual arousal from dancing.
Chrematistophilia – Arousal from either paying for sex or from being robbed.
Claustrophilia – Sexual arousal from being confined in small spaces e.g. cages, coffins or straight jackets.
Clitoridectomy – Surgical removal of the clitoris in females (obviously).
Coitobalnism – Sexual activities whilst in the bath.
Coitus A Cheval – Sex on a horse.
Coitus A Unda – Sex in water.
Coitus Interfermoris – Penetration between the thighs. Sometimes used as a form of birth control.
Collar – A symbol showing that a submissive/slave is in an exclusive relationship with a Dominant. Generally, a full collar shows that the submissive belongs to the Dominant and no other person should interfere in the relationship. There are also training and protection collars that serve specialized functions within the D/s community.
Contract – A formal agreement between a Dominant & submissive/slave outlining the terms of their relationship. Also used between Trainers and their charges. A contract may be oral/verbal or a written, signed document outlining the nature of the relationship, any limits each partner has, and the manner in which the relationship may be ended. Many online relationships forgo even the idea of a contract while many rl relationships place the contract in an honored place and review it periodically. Colobosis – Mutilation of the penis.
Coprography – “To write with faeces”. To write obscene graffiti, poems or stories. Arousal from obscene words.
Coprophagy – The act of eating faeces. Quite a popular activity up until the 1700s.
Coprophilia – Refers to someone that is sexually aroused by feces.
Corephallism – Having anal sex with a young girl.

Dacnolagnomania – A lust murder.
Dacryphilia – Refers to someone that is aroused by seeing tears in the eyes of their partner.
Daisy Chain – A group of three or more having sex, usually oral, with each guy sucking the next in the chain, and the last guy sucking the first.
Dasyproctic – With hairy buttocks.
Defecolagbia – Arousal from defecating.
Demisexual – are people who have a lack of sexual attraction towards any person unless they have a deep emotional connection with that person.
Dippoldism – Sexual arousal from beating/chastising children.
Discipline – Using the concept of discipline to enhance a sexual dynamic. Discipline usually employs elements of bondage and punishments such as confinement or being treated like a prisoner. Discipline can be a regular part of S&M or D/s scenes or relationships. see the counterpart “bondage”
Dogging – The watching of couples having sex in parked cars.
Doleros – Arousal from pain.
Dom, Domme, Dominant, Dominatrix, Pro Dom – The Dominant partner in a D/s scene or relationship. In general, male dominants are referred to as Doms and female dominants as Dommes. Professional female dominants use the title Dominatrix. This is one area where there are many, many different opinions about what is the “proper” term for someone.
Domination – The act of obtaining pleasure and satisfaction by controlling a submissive partner. Domination is not about being “bossy” or “all powerful” rather it is receiving the gift of a sub/slave’s loyalty, love, and complete trust and faith in your ability to “use” her both for your own pleasure and hers. A long-term D/s relationship requires a Dominant to take responsibility for the sub missive’s well-being and growth as a submissive and person. Domination may include elements of bondage, discipline, and S&M play as well as role play depending on the needs and willingness of both partners. see the counterpart “submission”.
Doraphilia – Love of fur or skin (usually leather).
Dysmorphophilia – Sexual arousal from deformities in others.

Ecorchement – Flagellation.
Ecouteurism – Unintentional arousal from sounds.
Electrophilia – Arousal from electrical stimulus.
Emetophilia – Arousal from vomit or vomiting.
Endytophilia – Refers to preferring a sex partner to be clothed rather than naked during sex.
Entomophilia – The use of insects for sexual stimulation.
Epispadias – The condition whereby the urethra opens up on the upper surface of the penis instead of extending through the centre to the tip of the penis.
Erotographomania – Strong desire to write love letters or poetry.

Flatuphilia – Arousal from others passing gas.
Formicophilia – Sex play with ants/insects.

Gerontophilia – Arousal from people who are significantly older.
Gomphipothic – Arousal from the sight of teeth.
Gynelophilous – Arousal from the sight/touch of pubic hair.
Gynemimetophilia – Someone is aroused by a male who is impersonating a female.

Harmatophilia – Arousal from mistake or from breaking rules.
Harpaxophilia – sexual arousal from being robbed.
Hebephilia – Attraction to teenagers.
Hodophilia – Sexual arousal from travelling to new or strange places.
Homilophilia – Arousal from giving or receiving a sermon or speech.
Hot Carl – is the act of defacating on someones face. A Warm Carl is defacating on their face but covered by plastic wrap. A Cold Carl is defacating on a glass table while someone lies below.
Hygrophilia – Arousal from contact with body secretions (tears, salvia etc.)
Hyphephilia – Sexual arousal from touching (certain) fabrics.
Jactitation – Excitement or arousal from bragging about their own sexual exploits.

Iantronudia – The arousal that some people have when they expose themselves to doctors.
Idrophrodisia – Arousal from perspiration.
Inspectionism – Voyeurism.
Irrumation – Fellatio.

Kleptolagnia – Arousal from stealing.
Klismaphilia – Arousal from having an enema.
Knismolagnia – Arousal from tickling.

Lactaphilia – Arousal from lactating breasts.
Lagnonector – A person that kills in order to have sex with the corpse.
Leptosadism – Mild sadism.
Limit – The point at which a submissive/bottom is no longer capable of enduring a particular activity. Limits may be physical–when the pain is no longer pleasurable or when actual physical danger may be imminent, emotional–creating emotions that are overwhelming her and interfering with her ability to function in the scene, or psychological–causing distress related to previous psychological/emotional trauma. There are also legal, moral and ethical principles or personal standards that some subs/bottoms may be unwilling to cross, such as bestiality or scenes with minors. Limits should be discussed before a scene or relationship and safe word/actions established to signal the Dominant/Top when they are reached. Many people believe that a slave (as opposed to a submissive or bottom) does not have limits and is at the complete disposal of her owner. see also “safe word”
Lucky Pierre – Fucking someone in the ass, and getting fucked in the ass at the same time. Lucky Pierre is the guy in the middle of a three-way.
Little – is a person characterized by being the “younger person” in a relationship – ie the daughter in a daddy daughter dynamic.
Lygerastia – Being aroused only when in darkness.

Maieusiophilia – Arousal from the sight or presence of pregnant females.
Masochism – Obtaining pleasure, usually sexual in nature, and satisfaction through the experience of discomfort and/or pain. Masochists can find self-inflicted play satisfying, but many seek out a sadistic partner. Pain play may be enhanced by bondage or role playing elements or used in the context of a D/s relationship or scene depending upon the desires of those involved. see the counterpart “sadism”
Mastix – A female sadist.
Mastofact – Breast fetish.
Mazoperosis – Mutilation of the breasts.
Meable – Easily penetrated.
Melcryptovestimentaphilia – Attraction to women’s black underwear.
Melolagnia – Arousal from music.
Meretricium – A tax on prostitution.
Menophilist – Arousal from menstruating women.
Merinthophilia – Arousal from being bound.
Miscegenation – Sex or marriage between people of different races.
Mixoscopy – The secret observation of a sex act.
Moriaphilia – Arousal from telling sex related jokes.
Mucophagy – The consuming of nasal mucus.
Munchausen’s syndrome – Arousal from opening a wound.
Mysophilia – The arousal from handling soiled underwear or foul odors.

Nanophilia – Attraction to short people.
Naphephilia – Arousal from touching or being touched.
Narratophilia – Arousal from telling sex related stories, poems, jokes etc.
Nasophilia – Arousal from kissing, sucking, touching or looking at another’s nose.
Necrochlesis – The act of having sex with a corpse.
Necrophilia – Attraction to, or arousal from, corpses.
Necrosadism – Mutilation of corpses for sexual purposes.
Nepiophilia – Adults attraction to an infant of the opposite sex.
Nosolagnia – Arousal from knowing that ones partner has a terminal illness.
Nymphophilia – The love of a female adolescent by an adult.
Nymphotomy – The surgical procedure whereby the inner labia is cut away.

Ochlophilia – Refers to those own find the presence of crowds to bring sexual pleasure.
Oculophilia – Eyeball fetish.
Oculolinctus – The act of licking a persons eyeball for sexual arousal/fulfilment.
Ochlophilia – Arousal from biting.
Odontophilia – Arousal from teeth.
Ondinisme – Arousal from urine.
Ozolagnia – Arousal from odors.

Pageism – Male submitting to a female.
Paizogony – Petting.
Pathicant – A minor who engages in anal sex with an adult.
Paraphilia – Arousal from acts that are generally considered unacceptable by the fetishist (themselves) or society.
Pecattiphilia – Sexual excitement from stealing or sinning.
Pediophilia – Attraction to dolls.
Penotherapy – Regulation of prostitutes as a form of disease control.
Paedophilia – Adult sexual attraction to children.
Phallophilia – Arousal from an erect penis of exceptional dimensions (length or girth).
Philemanmania – Compulsion to kiss.
Philematology – The art of kissing.
Phlebotomy – Blood letting. Often practiced for sexual purposes by Vampyres.
Phobophilia – Arousal from fear.
Phygephilia – Arousal from flight (as in run away).
Podophilia – Foot fetish.
Polyiterophilia – The need for several sex partners before orgasm can occur.
Psychrocism – Arousal from cold, or, arousal from seeking another that is cold.
Psychrotentiginous – Arousal from cold water.
Pygmalionism – Attraction to manikins.
Pygophilia – Arousal from touching, playing with or seeing another’s buttocks.
Pyrolagnia – Sexual arousal form watching fire.
Pyrophilia – Sexual arousal from fire.

Raptophilia – Arousal from raping a victim.
Rhabdophilia – Arousal from being flogged, beaten or caned.
Role play – Carrying out a D/s, B&D, or S&M scene or relationship while assuming specific roles in order to heighten the experiences of both partners. Examples include age play–where one partner is a baby/child and the other the parent/nurse/teacher, gender reversal–where partners switch gender roles, clothing, etc, assuming the identity of animals–such as treating someone as a “pony girl”, or simple things like playing warden/prisoner or teacher/student.
Rusty Trombone – When someone rims your ass and reaches around to stroke your cock at the same time.

Sacofricosis – The practice of cutting a hole in the pockets of trousers so that a person can masturbate (usually in public).
Sadism – Obtaining pleasure, usually in a sexual manner, and satisfaction through inflicting discomfort and/or pain on a willing partner. Sadistic play may be heightened by the use of bondage or role-play or may be achieved within the construct of a D/s relationship or scene. As with all bdsm, the form it takes depends on the parties involved. see the counterpart “masochism”
“Safe, Sane, & Consensual” – The credo of bdsm. All responsible adults participating in any form of bdsm ensure that the encounters are physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe, that they stay within the limits of what is reasonable/sane activity, and that all parties involved have given their full consent to the activities.
Safe word – A word, phrase, or action chosen for the course of a scene or relationship to warn the Dominant/Top that the submissive/bottom is in distress, physical, emotional, or psychological, and can not continue the scene. Some people also use caution words in order to warn when something is unexpected and the sub/bottom isn’t certain she can handle it, but is willing to proceed at a slower rate in order to find out. see also “limit”
Sapiosexual – one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature
Satyriasis – Male equivalent of nymphomania.
Scene – An encounter between two or more people involving B&D, S&M, or D/s or some combination of the three. Scenes may be short, spontaneous, and simple, or elaborately planned and coordinated events lasting hours or even days—and everything in between.
Seagulling – A variation on bukkake, were a person ejaculates in their hand, then slaps someones face.
Scopophilia – Arousal from looking at people or events.
Shunammitism – Contact (does not have to be physical) with young girls by old men to encourage or restore sexual vigor.
Siderodromophilia – Sexual excitement from either viewing or riding upon trains.
Sitophilia – The use of food for sexual purposes.
Slave – A submissive who gives over complete control of herself to a Dominant. Slaves are the property of the Dominant and may be used, shared, or disposed of in any way the Dominant chooses. Usually there is a slave contract between the two that protects the slave from abuse or physical injury and provides for her to dissolve the relationship under specific circumstances.
Spit Roasted – Being face fucked and ass fucked at the same time.
Sploshing – the act of eating food off of or out of body parts
Sthenolagnia – Arousal from a display of strength and/or the sight or muscles.
Stigmatophilia – Finding body modifications arousing (tattoos, piercings, scarification etc.)
Submission – The act of receiving pleasure and satisfaction from submitting your will to that of a Dominant partner. Submission is not “about sex” or about obedience. It is part of a dynamic power exchange between a submissive and her Dominant partner where she gives herself and control of all or part of herself into the Dominant’s protection and indulgence. Submission can be combined with bondage, discipline, or S&M play depending on the desires and needs of the individual submissive and Dominant. see the counterpart “domination”
Submissive – The submissive partner in a D/s scene or relationship. Usually a submissive has much more freedom to say “no” or “stop” than a slave. see slave
Switch – A person who is comfortable taking, and enjoys, either role in a bdsm scene or relationship. see the definitions of “top” “bottom” “submissive” “dom, domme, dominant, dominatrix” .
Symphorophilia – Sexual arousal from causing many casualties (train crash,burning hospitals, explosions).

Taint – The spot between a guy’s asshole and his balls.
Tantalolagnia – Arousal from teasing.
Taphephilia – Arousal from being buried alive.
Teabagging – Lowering your balls into a playmate’s mouth.
Thalpotentiginy – Arousal from heat.
Timophilia – Arousal from power or wealth.
Top – In an S&M,Fetish scene or relationship, the partner who is responsible for stimulating the other (s) by inflicting pain– the person “holding the whip.”
Tragolimia – Desire for sex regardless of attraction to partner.
Trichophilia – Hair Fetish.
Tripsolagnia – Arousal from having one’s hair shampooed by another.
Tripsolagnophilia – Arousal from massage.

Urophilia – Sexual arousal from contact with urine.
Urtication – The use of stinging plants to stimulate the skin.

Vampirism – The drinking of blood/fetishism for blood.
Vicarphilia – Arousal from another person sexual experience/s.
Vincilagnia – Arousal from bondage.

Xenophilia – Sexual arousal from strangers.

Zelophilia – Arousal from jealousy.
Zoophilia – Sex between humans and (other) animals.
Zwischenstufe – Arousal from person/s of the same sex.