OB-GYN Kink Kit

I have always wondered how naughty and kinky I really am and, as you know, these articles are based on actual experience and I test every product reviewed, (with the help of willing test pilots). Today while browsing at a local “toy store”, I came across the, “OB-GYN Kink Kit”, from Pipedream Products Inc.

The  OB-GYN Kink Kit retails for about $129.00 and includes, 2 plastic forceps, a metal vaginal speculum and a vaginal scope complete with an LED light and built in vibe unit.

OB-GYN Kink KitThey also included a kinky nurse hat, (I would have preferred a surgical mask and surgical cap), a bottle of lube and a bottle of cleaning solution, (OK, the main part of this kit is the vaginal scope). While it is novel and unique, do not expect high definition optics but it certainly gets the freak out. Seriously, if you want high definition optics, there are videoscope kits you can get for about $200.00, (my next purchase of course).

The plastic forceps, I think are a good idea as they will bend and break if used too tightly, (metal ones can cause damage if used improperly – always  use caution). Finally the speculum, it is metal and of reasonable quality. Note: for beginners using  a speculum, please click here.

Overall as a novelty kit, it is a very cool idea, (it was especially hot using the vaginal scope, and I quote, ‘it made me feel really dirty knowing you were looking in there…”). . This kit is in no way “medical grade” so for those who are into “medical fetish”, this is not a product to consider. Now for you kinksters who wanted to add a new toy to the “tickle trunk”, while $129.00 is pricey, it is not a bad little weekend surprise for your playmate.

Our score **

Remote Control

I was recently asked by a very special lady friend, what I would like for my birthday. I said to her, to go lingerie shopping with you. Well, she smiled and said “…really?” I said “yes”.

I think many of you already figured out that spending a day going to different lingerie shops and watching my sexy friend model for me and letting me eventually choose and enjoy her in is actually a real awesome gift…

Ok, so that is the lead up to this product review for remote control vibes. (Here is the skinny, she had to follow one request on this birthday gift, she had to have the remote controlled bullet in… yes, I am truly a dirty boy.)

Before this planned excursion I went to the friendly toy store to visit with a friend of mine and for the next two hours we tested eight remote vibe units, (on her suggestion we choose only insert-able bullet units). My test criteria included:

construction – water tight, no seams, safe surface
shape and size
vibe power
how loud it is

With any insertable toy, you should always consider these points:

– is the surface hard plastic, latex, silicone, glass or metal;
– is the over all construction solid;
– is there a retrieval string;
– are you allergic to the surface covering;
– are lubes safe for use with it;
– is it too big for you?

My friendly kinky store friend also pointed out that if the toy is inserted and we are out and about, it should be a larger bullet and to always wear panties so nothing can accidentally fall out… I asked about why a larger size and she explained, “it would be easier for her to hold in with kegals and gives her confidence it won’t accidentally slip… also, they can pack a more powerful motor and battery in something a little bigger than a finger bullet”. Two well taken points from a woman’s perspective. Guys, here is a hint, to know what to do with a girl, ask a girl!
As for vibe power, range and loudness, my friend made me put each bullet in my front pocket and walk around the store while she held the remote. After about an hour of giggles and laughs, I settled on the remote bullet by, “California Exotic Novelties LLC”, (retail $45.00 CND). But now, the final test, “range”. My friend sent me next door to my favorite dinner, (great food and very lovely staff ), to get coffee. While standing in line, my friend texted me an told me to text her when it was my turn to order. So I did. My phone rang and she asked I pass it to her friend at the till so she can order her low fat latte, vanilla etc.. so I did… Next moment, the lady look at me and asked what I wanted and “boom”, my naughty friend turned it on. I nearly jumped as she smiled and asked if I wanted room for cream… I must have had a funny look on my face as the other counter girls turned to look at me. She handed the phone back too me and said “that is a taste of what you are gonna do to your lady friend, now hurry up with my coffee!”.

Back in the store, we had a good chuckle about it. Then, the girl from the coffee shop came in an told us, “the vibe was quiet, but it was fun to watch you walk out while it was on!”. As my face went blush red, both girls broke out laughing.

The one thing to look for once you find a product that meets the above criteria is batteries! Many smaller units use hearing aid batteries and though small, get used up quickly. The unit I purchased used larger batteries found in cameras and are longer lasting.

Final thoughts, if there is truly a brilliant pervert sex toy developer out there, take this wireless remote idea, make it bluetooth and create an app that controls it through a smartphone and add a feature “lover’s remote” so while the bullet is controlled by an app on her phone, I can take control of the app from my phone and turn on ” Face-Time” to watch her…

Our Score ****

SportSheets – Bound for Fun!

Sport Sheets – the high tech tethers for bondage play! The SportSheets system is based on Velcro for locking someone into neoprene padded nylon strap cuffs. These cuffs are part of a larger system for bondage play, which includes, a Velro fiber bed sheet, anchor pads, blindfolds, tethers and larger cuffs for thighs. The cuffs are then linked together or the tethers with quick release clamps for the safest experience in sensual restraint play.

SportSheet accessories

The accessories pictured, include the Hog Tie set which features a set of four cuffs and a cross link, in addition to the set I added two tethers and the leather blindfold.

The company, SportSheets International was founded by sextraprenuer, Tom Stewart in 1995. Through innovation and positioning he has built on the original SportSheets system and developed several new product lines including Flirt, ManBound, Sex and Mischief and Sex in the Shower. Visit them at http://www.sportsheets.com

I am a very big fan of the SportSheet cuffs. As much as bondage play is about restraints and the imagery of rope and intricate knots and bindings, for many of us, time is the issue. I love the thought of my playmate being bound, where I take the time to do the rope work and for many, that is the play aspect, but not for me. I do dress up the scene with chains and additional d-clips for that added dungeon look instead of using the tethers and then, I use the Velcro cuffs to restrain my pretty for her pleasures. For us, the bondage element is our lead up to more intimate indulgences, such as floggings, spankings and other delectable sensations I can dream up to entice that most sought out reward for her, the endorphins and adrenaline rush. Of course along the way are many pleasurable sensations for the both of us.

The SportSheet system is the safest and easiest to use restraint system for erotic bondage play and it easily lends itself into almost and role-play scenario kinksters can dream up! With the quick release clamps and the Velcro restraints, if the play gets too intense (or as is the case with busy parents, being interrupted), the person can be released very quickly and the toys put away very discreetly. From beginner to advance fetish aficionado, I would highly recommend the SportSheet cuffs and restraint system as a necessary part of any home pleasure dungeon. You can find SportSheet accessories at most adult stores or click on the right side bar link and order online from the Stock Room.

Our score *****

G-Spot Tulip Vibe

First Time G-Spot Tulip Vibe by California Exotic Novelties is a dildo vibe with an angled egg shaped top with a built in vibe motor, intended to create additional pressure and stimulation at the g-spot area. The angled shape allows the user to adjust the amount of pressure in the area and makes it easy for solo use.

The vibe is made of a seamless hard plastic and takes two AA batteries to power the vibe. The speed control is at the base cap and has two settings. The unit is straight forward and in-expensive with a street price averaging  $17.00. This is an awesome toy for g-spot stimulation and because of its angle it affords precise control over the depth and pressure applied to the g-spot.

As with any penetration toy, for both safety and hygiene are important so when using, we sheath it in a textured condom. As the partner working the device, I found a a shallow thrust worked wonders. In our first test with the toy, my playmate did surprise me with one of her biggest squirts and hardest orgasms. Using this toy the technique was simple, as she became more aroused a constant shallow thrust was maintained. The trick was to not change the angle, pressure or speed but to let her adjust the angle of her hips to where she received the optimal sensations.

An inexpensive and very effective toy, great for couple play and g-spot experimentation. I do highly recommend this for any toy box! You can find this toy at most adult stores or order on line from the Stock Room, (see right side bar for link). Our only after though was if the toy could be covered in a textured cyber-skin or have additional textured silicone sheathes for added fun.

Our Score ****

The WE Vibe 3

The We Vibe 3 – is designed as a two way or couple’s sex toy. Externally coated in medical grade silicone, the We Vibe features two dual speed motors set for 3000 to 5000 rpm. What is truly unique is that the motors are synchronized to create what the designer terms as “harmonic throbbing”. Simply with both motors sync’d, the two vibration waves add together to create a single strong wave.

The We Vibe with it’s flexibility will conform anatomically correctly to a woman’s curves with the insertion part small enough as to not interfere with intercourse. The idea is to provide vibratory stimulation to the clitoris, g-spot and penis during intercourse.

The current version of the toy features inductive charging – you do not have to plug it in, simply set it in it’s inductive charger. This makes the vibe completely waterproof with no charger hole as in earlier models. In addition this version features a wireless remote in addition to the mechanical switch located on the larger pod. Combined with the wireless control and its ultra quiet motors, the We Vibe can also be enjoyed discreetly by a woman any time.

A very high quality and innovative toy, winning several awards for innovation including in 2008, the winner of the prestigious Venus/Berlin “Most Innovative Product” Award this is definitely a must have toy. As with any toy, care must be taken after use with proper cleaning and storage to maintain the silicone finish.

On testing the toy in various positions – missionary, doggie style girl on top and reverse cowgirl, the We Vibe was easy and very comfortable to use and for the most part, stayed in place. The vibration stimulation was great and particularly enjoyable during anal sex. Some of my friends told me that the higher vibe settings, though thrilling at first became distracting and numbing – too much of a good thing. For me, I found the direct vibration during vaginal intercourse a bit distracting but much more enjoyable during anal intercourse. Some of my girlfriends reported over stimulation – to a point were they removed the We Vibe and then continued on with intercourse.

The We Vibe with remote as reported by one of my more adventurous girlfriends was an awesome toy for her more daring auto-erotic adventures. Because of the remote and the super quiet motors she explained she “often will wear the We Vibe into boring meetings and long plane trips to give me something to focus on – helps me to smile through the ordeal”.

Amongst all the vibrators out on the market, this one is truly unique in its design. An awesome toy all around, innovative and very high quality, available at your higher end adult store with a street price of $159.00 or you can purchase this online at the Stock Room (see the right side bar link).

Our score *****