The Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand – first appeared in North America in the 1970s intended as an electric vibrating muscle massager with a heavy duty AC motor and still has one of the most powerful vibrator motors rated to 6000 rpm. Who would have thought that this humble massager would have a whole new life as one of the most enduring must have vibrators in the world in 2012!

It started to gain it’s notoriety in the 1970s as the machine of choice in many adult movies. Since then it has been a featured orgasm aid in many orgasm courses. The Magic Wand gained further international attention when in 2008, a Danish researcher showed that more than 93% of a group of 465 chronic anorgastic, (is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a person cannot achieve orgasm, even with adequate stimulation), women could reach orgasm using Hitachi Magic Wand and the Betty Dodson Method, (see:

Over the years, a small accessory ecosystem has developed around the Magic Wand. Accessories intended to enhance the pleasurability of the device including attachments to the vibrating head, plug in controllers intended to give finer control over the wand’s vibe speed to furniture pieces. Pictured here are just a few of the accessories.

Featured here include: A – the Miracle Scoop, B – the G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator, C – Dildo Head, D – the Man-Gasm, E – the Variable Speed Controller, F – the Love Seat

The Hitachi Magic Wand with all the available accessories is considered to be the most effective and versatile personal massager available. Featured in recent years on shows like Sex in the City, The Oprah Show to name two and used as the center piece of many orgasm courses for women lead by prominent sexologists, the Hitachi Magic Wand could be the last vibrator a person will ever need! I do highly recommend this as a must have for any toy box and, it really is an effective unit for sore muscles!

If you would like to order this product or accessories online, please click on the Stock Room link on the right side bar. You can also find the wand at many leading retailers including Wal-Mart or your local adult store.

Our score *****

You Can’t Test Drive a Dildo

Adult stores, either retail or online are filled with dildos of all sizes, shapes, colors and protrusions. With vibe, without vibe, remote control, wireless controls as well with varied surfaces and textured covers designed to enhance the sensation. Some are even complete systems with accessories and lubes, to enhance and stimulate.

A dildo is a sex toy in a phallic shape and intended as a masturbation tool for penetration either vaginally or anally. Though a quick look at the dildo wall at your local sex store, it is easy to wonder how or why one would insert some of these instruments of pleasure. Some look harmless and straight-forward, others look like something from an alien planet whose intended use may make you wonder.

So you are in store, you want to have a toy but what is good and what is not? Many of these toys are presented in clear packaging, allowing you to see it in all its glory. When looking at the hard plastic toys, look for seams and if it is a battery operated toy make sure the battery compartment access is as far down the base as possible. Seams or rough edges are dangerous and can injure you if used internally. Also consider the size. You are the best person to know what is a good fit for you.

If the product features a silicone or textured surface, read the packaging! Make sure if you can that the surface is condom safe, lube safe and if possible made of a medical grade silicone. Always consider using a condom to sheath any sex toy used in penetration for safety and hygiene reasons. Recently entering the market are the glass dildos. If considering one of these for more than ornate value, again look for seams or rough edges and make sure they are solid! Glass dildos are heavy and have a very hard feel but are easy to clean and maintain.

Before we continue, I want to quickly talk about toy maintenance. When using dildo for penetration, always consider using a condom. This will help protect you from any surface imperfections and if a battery operated device, this will help protect from fluids getting into the battery compartment. Always wash your toy in warm water and use a mild soap or better – a product called Safe Suds (see Stock Room to purchase in the right sidebar) to ensure your toy is clean and bacteria free. Dry thoroughly and store in a cloth bag. Many ladies have told me the best storage cover is a sock – because it is soft and air permeable.

You have a big budget and are considering a dildo with a vibe, what is good and what is not? Much has been written about the “jackrabbit” vibe. A mechanical dildo that vibrates as well twists and moves. This is accomplished by having a slightly curved shape and a second motor slowly turning in its base. In addition, this instrument of pleasure has beads in its shaft, which also turn and vibe. The idea is to create as many sensations as possible. In addition it features variable vibe speeds and a remote control. Cool! The problem is that good things are always copied and you will find many of the same toys simply repackaged and branded under different names. The key in deciding if the version you have is of good quality, look at the covering sheath, it should be a single thick uniform cover of medical grade silicone and safe for use with latex condoms, and oil and silicone based lubes.

The biggest problem with all these toys is that they look cool and have all these features and are promoted by porn stars, even labeled under porn star brands and come with testimonials, which can entice you to buy. In the end, it seems most women agree that despite all the variations, the only thing they notice is the girth, the strength of the vibe, the type of vibration and if the shaft twists and moves. So now what? Most of the “look” is designed to impress you.

When you find a dildo that you like, bring it to the counter and ask to see it. You will find that most quality adult store will have a product sample or will open the packaging to let you to see and inspect it. If the dildo, meets your requirements and if it does have a vibe, ask the sales person to put batteries in the unit to ensure the vibes work properly – exchanges and returns are difficult and most vibes carry no warranty.

Buying sex toys, for the most part, is an exercise in “buyer beware”. All the look, features and accessories may be cool but you may find they make little difference. Test piloting is expensive because of the no return policies, but it can be fun. If you have test piloted a sex toy – share your experience with us so we can share your review.

O’My! the natural lube!

Earlier this week, I received samples from O’My Products (visit them at: ). They are a Vancouver based company producing a line of “all natural” water-based lube gels and flavored gels. They also recently introduced a clitoral stimulation product called “O Clitoral Pleasure Gel”. My sample pack was a tube filled with assorted samplers of their flavored lube gel. The flavors included cappuccino, passion fruit, kiwi-strawberry, mischievous melon, choo choo cherry, blueberry cheesecake and strawberry cheese cake.

The product ingredients are all natural and boasts having hemp seed oil as a key ingredient, as well, a combination of herbal and plant extracts in a glycerin and glacier water solution with artificial flavoring. Users should be aware that because of the natural plant oils used, a little caution should be taken to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

I could not resist doing the taste test on the product. Yes it is a sex lube, but the flavors did remind me of the actual flavors they are simulating. When applied on the skin, it was nice and thick and had a good consistency. Like all water based lubes, more product had to be applied during more prolonged action. Unlike the other water based lubes which often leave a heavy sticky feeling, the O’ My lube seemed to be more readily absorbed by the skin leaving a very slight tacky feel which worked away very quickly.

We also temperature tested the product, warming the packet in hot water then applying it. With its thick consistency, and the warmth, O’My lived up to its name during a session of intense manual stimulation. I found as my partner applied the warmed lube and started her rhythmic strokes, it was an awesome feeling. As the lube was absorbed more allowing her to get a firmer grip the timing was perfect, letting her have a full grip to complete a happy ending. For water-based lubes, I do highly recommend O’My! You can find the product at local adult shops or click on the Stock Room link on the right side bar and request the product.

Our score ****

Online Dating – Some Tips to Consider

Online dating sites have become the easiest way to meet “like minded” partners for more intimate indulgences. Sites are unique and cater to specific interests. From sites that cater to Christians or other religious, ethnic or social interest, to sites that are gay and lesbian specific sites and even fetish or kink specific.

These sites offer a wide variety and usually a large number of potential connections in a safe discreet way that is very non-threatening emotionally for most to initiate contact with someone. This is where potential danger lies. Profiles are often slightly “embellished” to help make profiles more interesting to increase the potential number of interested people. Without the normal social cues people rely on in non-cyber first contact, there are no clues to the actual person, simply the profile that you read. This makes it easy to make contact and create an initial connection. There is no perfect system to protect you from the undesirable stalking creeper, but there are some strategies to help protect you, and minimize the effects of a bad connection.

If you are planning to go online to find “like minded” people to share in your indulgences you should consider the following things. First, create a disposable email mail account using one of the many free services online – never give your personal email out to online connections especially when simply chatting or flirting. Second, consider getting a prepaid or disposable phone. Today many people love to text message and often when you meet your first online fling, it is fun to connect and get to know them using text messaging. To protect your identity, save you from embarrassing calls and the headache of changing your number then, updating friends and family, use a prepaid cell phone and not your personal number. Finally, consider using a prepaid credit card and not your actual credit card.

Now you are ready to start your online adventure. There is no perfect online dating site, there are well established sites, special interest sites and sites that can be a credit card subscription headache. Before you take out that credit card and sign up on that first site, consider what you are looking for then check out that site.  First, simply review the site, look it over and most important, look over the subscription details, which payment processor is used and their privacy agreement. These three things will give you an indication of both legitimacy and reputability of the site. Finally do a Google review on the site. Google for reviews, comments and complaints, then make your decision.

Ok, so you’ve decided on a particular site and sign up. Use your prepaid credit card and sign up for the trial or one month term and try the site out. If you like it after the month, perfect, if not move on. Now, creating your profile. Yes, pictures of you on your profile will get more attention. Consider though, friends, colleagues and family may also be using that site, so all you would be exhibitionists, be aware. Also consider, any posted image can easily take a life on their own online, with people copying the image and re-posting it on other sites.

I recommend when creating a profile picture, use what you feel is appropriate for the site and the people you hope to attract, but blur out your face and have tasteful private pictures that you can share with new connections. When writing your profile, be honest in what you are looking for and your likes and dislikes. The rest is up to you. Remember though, if you intend to meet people, the worst thing you could do is to describe yourself unrealistically so that meetings may be awkward or embarrassing.

Now you have made your first connection. Take time to get to know the person using email, online chat, text messaging or even a call (using your disposable cell). Remember, you control the connection, never feel pressured into meeting someone. That is the number one warning signal. After some time, when you feel comfortable and wanting, go ahead and meet that person. Consider the following advice though.

The first meeting should always be done in a neutral public place. I strongly recommend the food court in a mall you do not usually go to. This could help minimize accidental contact if the person does not work out for you. Before you go, let someone you know and trust, know where you are going. I recommend a buddy system where that person calls you after an hour to check up on you. That call can also be your exit cue to end an awkward date. After your first “date”, I would recommend at least one more and continued conversation in between, to help you get a read on the person. From this point, everything is up to you as you should have an idea of this person and if you are compatible with them. Take your time and let them earn your trust. A relationship is built over time and if they are a genuine person they will understand – even if the intention is a simple hook-up. Remember, play safe, have fun and never let yourself be pressured into anything you do not want!

Becoming a “Cunnilinguist” (Oral 101)

Girls like guys love oral sex! The problem according to many women is that most guys do not get it right and leave them hanging on the edge frustrated.

Ok, lets get it right. After interviewing many of my lady friends, the number one thing to remember is, “once you get into a rhythm she likes, don’t stop, don’t change anything and keep going until she gets off”.

Let us get to the basics. The first thing the ladies told me is to not get grabby or pokey right away. If you want fore play, then take your time and let her enjoy that time. When you are leading up to getting down, let her have a little anticipation, a little tease. This is easily accomplished by kissing her belly, inner thighs; working your way close, teasing, licking, kissing her, while slowly moving to her labia. Take your time, enjoy her taste, as you work you way to her clitoris. As you lightly tongue and kiss her clitoris, listen to her and start licking over and around. Pay close attention, her sounds will tell you when she really likes what you are doing. Once you get there, don’t stop! Remember the first point, “…don’t stop, don’t change anything and keep going until she gets off”.

So lets review. First don’t be all fingers, second a little tease as you test to find the right touch and rhythm, third listen for cues then don’t stop ‘till she gets off! Once she does, remember what you did and practice! She will be very willing to let you practice over and over again. Knowing this and putting it into practice will ensure that you are on your way to becoming a very “cunninlinguist”