Becoming a “Cunnilinguist” (Oral 101)

Girls like guys love oral sex! The problem according to many women is that most guys do not get it right and leave them hanging on the edge frustrated.

Ok, lets get it right. After interviewing many of my lady friends, the number one thing to remember is, “once you get into a rhythm she likes, don’t stop, don’t change anything and keep going until she gets off”.

Let us get to the basics. The first thing the ladies told me is to not get grabby or pokey right away. If you want fore play, then take your time and let her enjoy that time. When you are leading up to getting down, let her have a little anticipation, a little tease. This is easily accomplished by kissing her belly, inner thighs; working your way close, teasing, licking, kissing her, while slowly moving to her labia. Take your time, enjoy her taste, as you work you way to her clitoris. As you lightly tongue and kiss her clitoris, listen to her and start licking over and around. Pay close attention, her sounds will tell you when she really likes what you are doing. Once you get there, don’t stop! Remember the first point, “…don’t stop, don’t change anything and keep going until she gets off”.

So lets review. First don’t be all fingers, second a little tease as you test to find the right touch and rhythm, third listen for cues then don’t stop ‘till she gets off! Once she does, remember what you did and practice! She will be very willing to let you practice over and over again. Knowing this and putting it into practice will ensure that you are on your way to becoming a very “cunninlinguist”