Spicing Things Up – the Joy of Figging

Fetish play opens the realm of the sexual experience to new sensations and emotions through fantasy, the mutual acceptance of a situation, (role play), ritual and the use of non-traditional items as props or sexual implements. A sensation technique taken from Victorian times has its roots in in horse trading. This technique, called figging, was used to make tired, old horses appear spry and energetic. Ginger root was used and was peeled back, exposing the fleshy part of the root, then it was inserted into the horse’s anus. The ginger, a mild irritant, caused the horses to appear more energetic as it would prance around with it’s tail raised. The mild burning sensation was short lived and quickly dissipated on removal, causing no lasting effects.

Also referred to as “gingering”, figging became popular in Victorian times as a part of corporal punishment. Where, when the master of the household wished to increase the torment of a young woman in his charge, the fig was used in conjunction with spanking. Once inserted, the natural tendency would be for the sphincter muscle to contract around the fig, increasing the “burning” sensation. The hapless young woman would do everything in her power to remain relaxed to minimize the fig’s effect, however in doing so she would also relax the muscles in her bottom making her spanking all the the more intense. Fast forward to today and in the context of fetish play, you have the mental aspects of humiliation and submission, as well, the sensations of the spanking and the “ginger effect”.

First, before considering incorporating ginger into your play, ensure your playmate is not allergic to ginger! When selecting ginger roots, choose fresh ginger, although older roots are more potent, they are not as succulent or juicy making insertion difficult. Do not use lubricant as it will coat the root minimizing or blocking the effect. To aid in insertion, simply moisten the root in room temperature water.

When preparing your fig, select a piece of ginger approx 3-4 inches in length and 2-3 inches round. You simply begin by peeling off the “skin” of the root. Once removed, you will find the root fiberous and firm. Carefully carve the root into the shape of a butt plug. This shape will hold your fig in place once inserted. I usually leave a short length after the collar to make it easy to manipulate and to remove. If you do wish to “develop” the potency of your fig, once prepared in plastic wrap and age it several days. Once again to aid in insertion, simply moisten in room temperature water.

Ginger root effect is intense but short lived once removed. It is also ideal as a stand alone sensation and can lead to many interesting and possibly memorable scenes. Have fun and play safe!

SportSheets – Bound for Fun!

Sport Sheets ā€“ the high tech tethers for bondage play! The SportSheets system is based on Velcro for locking someone into neoprene padded nylon strap cuffs. These cuffs are part of a larger system for bondage play, which includes, a Velro fiber bed sheet, anchor pads, blindfolds, tethers and larger cuffs for thighs. The cuffs are then linked together or the tethers with quick release clamps for the safest experience in sensual restraint play.

SportSheet accessories

The accessories pictured, include the Hog Tie set which features a set of four cuffs and a cross link, in addition to the set I added two tethers and the leather blindfold.

The company, SportSheets International was founded by sextraprenuer, Tom Stewart in 1995. Through innovation and positioning he has built on the original SportSheets system and developed several new product lines including Flirt, ManBound, Sex and Mischief and Sex in the Shower. Visit them at http://www.sportsheets.com

I am a very big fan of the SportSheet cuffs. As much as bondage play is about restraints and the imagery of rope and intricate knots and bindings, for many of us, time is the issue. I love the thought of my playmate being bound, where I take the time to do the rope work and for many, that is the play aspect, but not for me. I do dress up the scene with chains and additional d-clips for that added dungeon look instead of using the tethers and then, I use the Velcro cuffs to restrain my pretty for her pleasures. For us, the bondage element is our lead up to more intimate indulgences, such as floggings, spankings and other delectable sensations I can dream up to entice that most sought out reward for her, the endorphins and adrenaline rush. Of course along the way are many pleasurable sensations for the both of us.

The SportSheet system is the safest and easiest to use restraint system for erotic bondage play and it easily lends itself into almost and role-play scenario kinksters can dream up! With the quick release clamps and the Velcro restraints, if the play gets too intense (or as is the case with busy parents, being interrupted), the person can be released very quickly and the toys put away very discreetly. From beginner to advance fetish aficionado, I would highly recommend the SportSheet cuffs and restraint system as a necessary part of any home pleasure dungeon. You can find SportSheet accessories at most adult stores or click on the right side bar link and order online from the Stock Room.

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