G-Spot Tulip Vibe

First Time G-Spot Tulip Vibe by California Exotic Novelties is a dildo vibe with an angled egg shaped top with a built in vibe motor, intended to create additional pressure and stimulation at the g-spot area. The angled shape allows the user to adjust the amount of pressure in the area and makes it easy for solo use.

The vibe is made of a seamless hard plastic and takes two AA batteries to power the vibe. The speed control is at the base cap and has two settings. The unit is straight forward and in-expensive with a street price averaging  $17.00. This is an awesome toy for g-spot stimulation and because of its angle it affords precise control over the depth and pressure applied to the g-spot.

As with any penetration toy, for both safety and hygiene are important so when using, we sheath it in a textured condom. As the partner working the device, I found a a shallow thrust worked wonders. In our first test with the toy, my playmate did surprise me with one of her biggest squirts and hardest orgasms. Using this toy the technique was simple, as she became more aroused a constant shallow thrust was maintained. The trick was to not change the angle, pressure or speed but to let her adjust the angle of her hips to where she received the optimal sensations.

An inexpensive and very effective toy, great for couple play and g-spot experimentation. I do highly recommend this for any toy box! You can find this toy at most adult stores or order on line from the Stock Room, (see right side bar for link). Our only after though was if the toy could be covered in a textured cyber-skin or have additional textured silicone sheathes for added fun.

Our Score ****

Too Much of a Good Thing

Delayed Ejaculation or ED is becoming more and more a problem for men growing up through the age of the Internet where there is easy access to unlimited porn. Clinically, delayed ejaculation is the inability to ejaculate or difficulty in achieving orgasm despite the presence of normal sexual desire and sexual stimulation.

Ok guys here is the rub. Delayed Ejaculation is, in the absence of underlying medical conditions, a learned or conditioned response. Through masturbation and porn, many guys have “conditioned themselves” to respond to specific stimulation. Certain images arouse them and only certain penile stimulation from their auto-erotic sessions create enough of the correct sensations to achieve orgasm. Sensations that cannot be duplicated orally, vaginally or through anal such as grip, motions and extra digital stimulations, (how you use your fingers during masturbation) that are created by you.

On average a male can achieve orgasm orally, vaginally or through anal within five to 8 minutes. Men with this condition may take up to 45 minutes and require their own manual intervention to bring themselves to completion. Some men find that more often than not, they do not achieve orgasm at all. It is not hard to imagine the emotional implications this can have on men and their partners.

How did you get this way? What is conditioned response? Many of you took basic psychology in high school or college and you became aware of Dr. Ivan Pavlov and his experiments in classical conditioning, initially experimenting with dogs. Essentially, dogs will salivate at the sight of food. What the doctor did was ring a bell every time he brought food to the dog. Eventually the dog associated the sound with food, so when the bell rang, the dog salivated as if there was food. Because many young men turn to porn and masturbation as a way of “satisfying urges”, you begin to condition yourself to your manual stimulation and internet imagery, so when the real opportunity comes, your body no longer responds they way it should because you have taught it to respond to other stimulations.

Fleshlight sex toy

How do you fix this? There is no easy cure, no pill or physio-therapy to correct this. There are therapeutic strategies to help you cope and try to relearn more normal function. Before considering anything, you should first consult with your medical practitioner to rule out conditions from prostrate issues, low hormone production, blockages or physiological based disorders. Once these are ruled out, cognitive modification therapy holds the best strategy for minimizing the situation. These strategies may include hypnotherapy as well reconditioning exercises. The key to the success is to have an understanding and supportive partner.

For many a young man, this may not be practical. Our advice, (this is non-medical), is if you do need to masturbate – use a masturbation toy that simulates vaginal sensations. Non-motorized toys such as the Fleshlight – visit them at: www.fleshlight.com. Remember, if you are experiencing troubles ejaculating, speak to your doctor as soon as possible – not knowing and not taking action to correct this will guarantee you many a frustrating and unfulfilling encounter.

The WE Vibe 3

The We Vibe 3 – is designed as a two way or couple’s sex toy. Externally coated in medical grade silicone, the We Vibe features two dual speed motors set for 3000 to 5000 rpm. What is truly unique is that the motors are synchronized to create what the designer terms as “harmonic throbbing”. Simply with both motors sync’d, the two vibration waves add together to create a single strong wave.

The We Vibe with it’s flexibility will conform anatomically correctly to a woman’s curves with the insertion part small enough as to not interfere with intercourse. The idea is to provide vibratory stimulation to the clitoris, g-spot and penis during intercourse.

The current version of the toy features inductive charging – you do not have to plug it in, simply set it in it’s inductive charger. This makes the vibe completely waterproof with no charger hole as in earlier models. In addition this version features a wireless remote in addition to the mechanical switch located on the larger pod. Combined with the wireless control and its ultra quiet motors, the We Vibe can also be enjoyed discreetly by a woman any time.

A very high quality and innovative toy, winning several awards for innovation including in 2008, the winner of the prestigious Venus/Berlin “Most Innovative Product” Award this is definitely a must have toy. As with any toy, care must be taken after use with proper cleaning and storage to maintain the silicone finish.

On testing the toy in various positions – missionary, doggie style girl on top and reverse cowgirl, the We Vibe was easy and very comfortable to use and for the most part, stayed in place. The vibration stimulation was great and particularly enjoyable during anal sex. Some of my friends told me that the higher vibe settings, though thrilling at first became distracting and numbing – too much of a good thing. For me, I found the direct vibration during vaginal intercourse a bit distracting but much more enjoyable during anal intercourse. Some of my girlfriends reported over stimulation – to a point were they removed the We Vibe and then continued on with intercourse.

The We Vibe with remote as reported by one of my more adventurous girlfriends was an awesome toy for her more daring auto-erotic adventures. Because of the remote and the super quiet motors she explained she “often will wear the We Vibe into boring meetings and long plane trips to give me something to focus on – helps me to smile through the ordeal”.

Amongst all the vibrators out on the market, this one is truly unique in its design. An awesome toy all around, innovative and very high quality, available at your higher end adult store with a street price of $159.00 or you can purchase this online at the Stock Room (see the right side bar link).

Our score *****

So You Wanna be a Porn Star

You have surfed the web, perused the porn sites and played with your digital camera or you web cam and captured saucy pictures of you naked and doing naughty things. You felt the exhilaration of exhibitionism and wondered, “Why can’t I get paid to get off on camera?”

Why not? Let us pause for a moment here and let you think about why not. The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar business. For the successful few who choose to be the actors and actresses, this is a business like any other. Success comes from knowing what you can do and marketing that, hard work, hustle, good business sense and a vision or plan.

They understand that their image and name are their brand, which is something to be developed and protected throughout their career. Their reputation and performance are what gets them roles, but it is business savvy, which makes the money and turns every effort into dollars. The more they can control that brand and build on it, the more they can make. Already, it is starting to sound more and more like work. It is and it can be tough both mentally and emotionally, but it does have it’s benefits.

Before you decide that porn, the adult entertainment industry is going to be your career vocation, there are some personal considerations like:

  • Anything online, in print or video is permanent and impossible to remove completely once released.
  • Family and friends will consider you differently and you will find many not accepting or supportive when they find out.
  • Your image is public and your sense of privacy and your lifestyle will change permanently.
  • For every on sincere compliment, you will hear lots more put-downs and criticisms.
  • Main-stream people will not take you seriously.
  • How will you transition out of your current life, you cannot protect family and friends from your choice.
  • What will you do when you want to or have to get out of the business?
  • What will you do if you do not make it in the business after giving all this up?

It does take a pretty thick skin, grounding and focus on what you want to achieve to keep you from becoming a “victim” in the business. In the end, you are part of an industry that sells image, illusion, fantasy and it all fades away after the money shot. Ok, despite the dark cloud, there are many successful adult stars whose success is not just on the screen, but in magazine, online clips, web chat, sex models and licensing their image and brand on adult products.

Where do you start? Many performers got their start on amateur strip shows out on the stage bumpin’ and grinding and being invited to parties and introduced to the right people. Many went to small studios and worked their way to notoriety performing in scenes and short sex clips. Some got into magazines then branched into adult films. Others, simply went to studios or answered casting calls. Each of these approaches have one thing in common. They got paid a single performance fee and missed out on the residual incomes from the licensing and re-licensing and repeat publishing in different media that performance or photo shoot.

What I am trying to say here is simple – what ever you do, you need to retain as much control over your image as possible as well where and how it is used to allow you to earn potential residual income from that work.

Today, you have the greatest marketing and mass media tool, the Internet! Never before has there been away for an individual to build their brand and maintain maximum control over their images. This DIY approach gives you a chance to earn while you learn and lets you develop your brand in a way that you can control and minimize the personal impact of jumping in with both feet and your eyes closed.

Start simple, start as a web chat hostess. It is easy, you choose your hours, you do not have to perform with people you do not want to, you do not have to perform any sex act you do not want to and you get to miss the creepers and wanna be people. Online, you can always say no and block the offensive caller. As a bonus, some sites even let you choose which countries can access your video stream.

Sounds good? This still requires, consistent effort, hustle, learning new things, lots of self- promotion a laptop (or desktop) and a decent web camera. So now what do you do? First is to visit some web cam sites and watch. Watch how the girls keep the keep the conversation and direct that conversation to the “all important” private shows or to their galleries for paid access to pre-recorded show and picture galleries. Watch how, on some sites, they hustle for the tips, keeping the audience interested and engaged. Then practice with your web cam recording your practice sessions and critiquing your recorded clips.

As you surf the various cam sites, click on the “how to become a model links” and download their hostess agreements, look closely at their payout structure and how to get maximum payouts. Always check out their top performers, their profiles and get an idea of how you will plan out your profile. You will find that many of the models have their own websites that are cross link to their model profile to maximize their exposure. Some even have downloadable pay for access content on their sites.

You do not need your own site yet, focus on research, practice and watch others. As you do, you are in the audience and you can see how others see the video stream. Notice how some are grainy and, look horrible despite the hostess’ best efforts. The key here is lighting and space. You do not need professional lighting but two or three clip lights strategically placed will make all the difference. Also, consider your space – is it cluttered or messy? This is your stage and should add to the image you are trying to present. It may not seem much, but as you watch the other cams, you will find there some hostesses with very messy or distracting spaces which actual detracts from their performance presentation.

Now it is time to sign up on a chat site. Your decision should be based on your review of the modeling agreements, how the site is promoted, site for reviews and features to help you the hostess. We work with Streamray Studios, to see their site click on Vice Live Chat Cams! to check out their site. Before you launch your cam, take the time to recoded 5-10, ten minute clips featuring you in different lingerie or outfits doing simple scenes, strip teases with you having a happy ending for their viewing pleasure. Also take about a dozen or two pictures of yourself to create an image gallery with some free pictures and some pay for access.

Each of your clips should be edited to include titles at the beginning and the end to give them a more complete and professional look. You do not need any fancy editing software to do this as Microsoft gives you a free video editor – Microsoft Movie Maker, (see: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-movie-maker-get-started).

You are now ready to build your profile page. All of these sites have very simple drop and drag templates for you to build your profile and add your pictures and video clips in. Many also have simple page editors to allow you to customize you profile page, changing colors and adding backgrounds. Take your time here and do as best a job you can. Feel free to experiment with the page editors. You won’t break anything and you can always edit it as you learn more. Having your profile complete with pay access galleries and downloads is the way of generating additional income with out working.

Another place you can post pictures and video clips, is on clip sites. These are YOUTUBE like sites with one big difference, people pay to see your video clips One example is www.clips4sale.com . Before launching your studio, make sure you have at least 8-10 clips as well pictures to create your profile. Like your web cam profile, it is important to add new content on a regular basis.

Let us start tying this all together. This is very important. You want to promote to viewers of your web cam performances, that they can visit your profile or your clip site for downloads of you. Also on your video clips, you want to put your web cam profile web address and your clip site address so you can cross promote with each clip download. The same is true with your pictures; make sure you add either your clip site or web cam site URL on every picture.

Now you have your own business, you are a porn star and more or less on your terms. Your job now is to create content, do your online performances, develop your look, develop your brand and promote yourself.  It does not stop there, you are also the business manager and accountant. When setting up your web cam and clip site account, you need to provide a bank account for you to get paid. I highly recommend you set up a separate chequing account so you can easily track your income from your online enterprise and keep all your receipts for things you purchased specifically for this business. This is important because this income is taxable and like any business, there are things you can write-off against the business income. You will need to consult a qualified accountant for more information on this and your local tax and accounting requirements.

The money does not come rolling in right away. You need time to start building your fan base and this is a slow process, requiring patience and consistent effort. Fans are won, one at a time, especially paying fans. The easiest way to lose them is by not having good new content consistently available. Also remember, the more content you have, the greater your potential earnings because you create more buying opportunities. You will see that as your fan base build, so does your income.

There is still lot for you to learn but hopefully this overview will give you enough information to make the right choice for yourself and give you enough insight to get started. Always remember, the more control you have over your image, the more money you get for the effort. Have fun and I hope to see you online sometime!

Some online resources: